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Applebee's Hopes to 'See You Tomorrow' with Major Chain Changes

Applebee's Hopes to 'See You Tomorrow' with Major Chain Changes

Seasonal, fresh foods and no more stained glass lamps for your neighborhood 'Bee's

That friendly neighborhood Applebee’s you’ve probably driven by daily for years is getting a major makeover starting today.

You’ll notice it first on the TV and radio, with the chain’s new slogan, "See You Tomorrow" (changed from the old "There’s No Place Like the Neighborhood"). Applebee’s is hoping this slogan will bring in a whole new, hip generation of daily ‘Bee’s-goers, attracted by the expanded menu.

Uniting the new food offerings is a focus on "fresh, seasonal" ingredients and improved "flavor profiles." Freshness is seemingly a big step forward for the chain, so we’ll try not to think about what exactly they were serving before the revamp.

New dishes include a lemon shrimp fettuccine with sautéed spinach and basil and garlic rosemary chicken with lemon. There will even be a salad with strawberries in it — not exactly a shock for experienced eaters, but for Applebee’s regulars, it’s the first time they’ll see strawberries there in anything other than a dessert or beverage.

Inside, expect a more bar-centric environment designed to "appeal to a younger clientele" and design changes meant to "create a sense of arrival," says Applebee’s CEO Mike Archer. True to its history as a "neighborhood institution," each Applebee’s will feature a mural unique to its community. "Oh, and the Tiffany lamps are gone," Archer said.

Applebee’s might have missed the boat as far as "seasonality" in restaurant menus is concerned, but they’ve reportedly been working onr evitalizing their 2,010 restaurants in America for the past four years. Now, Applebee’s is also becoming 100 percent franchised. The changes are estimated to total around $350 million by the time they're finished, in three years.

Watch the video: I hope to see you tomorrow (January 2022).