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Avocado toast, strawberries and blue cheese

Avocado toast, strawberries and blue cheese

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Toast with avocado, strawberries and blue cheese:

Fry the slice of bread, optionally.

Slice the strawberries.

Crush the avocado with a fork and grease the slice of bread with it. Sprinkle with salt, then place slices of strawberries on top and blue cheese, broken into small pieces.

Condurasul & # 8211 Contraindications and possible side effects

It is not recommended to consume condures in case of stomach or intestinal ulcers. Consumption of this plant can aggravate ulcers.

It is also contraindicated to consume condures in case of kidney disease that could be aggravated.

  • The universe of plants & # 8211 Prof. Dr. Constantin Parvu
  • Technologies & # 8211 framework for the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants & # 8211 Ministry of Agriculture & # 8211 A.S.A.S. & # 8211 Plafar Trust Bucharest.

A delicious and quick breakfast that I fell in love with from the first tasting. I have left below the ingredients and the recipe.

  • 50g old
  • 1/3 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 250g ricotta
  • 1/2 orange grated peel
  • 4 slices of bread
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • strawberries

We start by starting the oven at medium level & # 8211 if you have an electric oven, you can only start the top.

In a bowl, mix the sugar with the cinnamon. Separately, mix ricotta with grated orange peel.

We prepare a tray with baking paper. Grease the slices of bread with oil on both sides and sprinkle half of the sugar and cinnamon mixture on top. Place the slices in the pan and leave in the oven for 3 minutes.

Turn the slices, sprinkle again the mixture of sugar and cinnamon (keep a little to decorate the slices at the end) and leave in the oven until the slices are well browned on both sides.

Meanwhile, cut the strawberries into slices.

When they are ready, take the slices of bread out of the oven and add the cheese mixture. Place a few slices of strawberry on top to cover the whole slice and sprinkle what is left of the mixture of sugar and cinnamon.

Blue Cheese Sauce with Mold & # 8211 Blue Cheese Dip Recipe (Cold)

Blue cheese sauce with mold & # 8211 blue cheese dip recipe (cold). Creamy cheese sauce with blue mold for Buffalo chicken wings or raw nachos. How to make blue cheese dip? Dip recipes. Blue cheese recipes. Appetizer and snack recipes.

This blue cheese sauce is very quick and easy to make. Everything is done cold, not to mention a boiled sauce. We mix practically all the ingredients and, in a few seconds, we get the famous "Blue Cheese Dip" & # 8211 a creamy and fragrant sauce.

There is no original recipe for blue cheese dip or blue cheese sauce but only a few indications about the ingredients: mayonnaise, cream or fatty yogurt, blue noble mold cheese, garlic, onion (sometimes), greens (parsley), some acid (vinegar or lemon juice). Their proportions may differ and it is best to adapt them to your tastes.

Traditionally, this blue cheese sauce is served with the famous Buffalo Chicken Wings (celery sticks) and celery sticks. It is a refreshing sauce meant to temper the sharpness of these Buffalo-style wings & # 8211 the recipe here.

The blue cheese dip recipe I followed was one from the New York Times, but I adapted it discreetly in the sense that I reduced the amount of mayonnaise and replaced some of the cream with Greek yogurt. Of course, the blue cheese is also extremely greasy and as a whole a useless caloric bomb came out. These American style sauces and dressings are very tasty but also full of calories so we can degrease them a bit without losing their original flavor. I did the same in the case of the famous Ranch Dressing (or ranch sauce) & # 8211 see here.

The mayonnaise used must be homemade (with mustard). Blue mold cheese should be spicy like Roquefort, Stilton, Danish Blue, Fourme d’Ambert, Gorgonzola or a mix of spicy cream cheese (e.g. Bavaria Blue). Keep in mind that these cheeses are extremely salty and that you may not need extra salt in the sauce!

This blue cheese sauce goes perfectly with vegetables (celery stalks, raw carrot bars), fruits (apples, plums, pears) but also with steaks (grilled, pan or baked), with fries, chips or nachos.

From the quantities below it results approx. 600 g of blue cheese sauce or blue cheese dip enough for 8-12 servings. It keeps well in the refrigerator for 2 days so it can be consumed in the following days.

Top 5 snack recipes that you can make quickly with the toaster

Do you have a toaster in the house that is useless because you are a little bored of toast? You have certainly not tried many recipes in which you can use these devices. Find out in this article how you can quickly prepare delicious sandwiches with peanut butter or sophisticated croutons with cream cheese and corn.

Toasters are among the simplest and easiest to use kitchen appliances. So simple that sometimes you may get bored of them or not find reasons to buy one. That's because you think that all you can do with it is to toast bread, and in the case of some models, and to heat croissants, buns and other similar pastries. But forget how many delicious and quick recipes you can prepare with a slice of toast properly.

Here are some that will easily complete your breakfast or dinner menu for a few weeks.

Toast with avocado

Rich in vitamins (K, C, B5, B6, E) and potassium (contains more than bananas), a 100 gram avocado offers you for your daily food needs: 160 calories, 2g of protein, 15g of healthy fats , 7g of fiber and only 2g of carbohydrates. It has a creamy, fresh and delicate texture and is very easy to prepare.

All you have to do is take out the core of a well-ripened fruit, using a spoon, strain it and mix it with a little lemon juice and salt. It turns into a paste that reminds you of the softness of butter left at room temperature and fits perfectly with the crunchy surface of a slice of freshly baked bread.

If you want, you can add a little crushed garlic and turn it into guacamole. Top with a few pieces of your favorite variety of tomatoes and enjoy the early hours of the morning. Add a good fruit juice or coffee and breakfast is ready.

Pesto sandwich

Yes, you read that right, you can use the well-known aromatic sauce, obtained from basil, olive oil and parmesan, to prepare a delicious and quick sandwich, which you can take with you to work. In addition to the sauce, you need a few more slices of meat (ham, meats, etc.) and some slices of mozzarella. To finish it, it is ideal to put the combination for a few minutes in the microwave, so that the cheese has the opportunity to melt a little, covering the meat and toast. Then add a few slices of tomato. Good appetite!

Croutons with feta cheese and corn

For this recipe you need a baguette to cut into slices, penetrating the knife slightly diagonally. Use the toaster to get the crunchy texture that gives the charm of croutons recipes. In a mixer, mix the feta cheese with a little sour cream, until you get a fine and homogeneous composition that is good to put a little in the fridge (about 30 minutes).

Boiled corn grains must be drained of water, so first put them in a large strainer and then place them on a plate covered with napkins, to absorb as much moisture as possible. If you do not have enough patience for this step, the toast will soften from the water drained from the corn and the preparation will not come out as well.

You need a few more tomatoes, which you have to wash and cut into small pieces, so that you can slip them on the baguette slices together with the plum. For flavor, add fresh, finely chopped basil leaves.

Spread the cream cheese on the slices of toast and place corn on top. In a small bowl, mix the tomatoes and basil with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, then complete the slices by gently placing the combination, with a teaspoon, for corn and cheese. It is a snack suitable for any time of day, quick to prepare, which is served as soon as it is ready.

Toast with peanut butter, bananas and strawberries

You don't need the best toaster to prepare this sweet and delicious breakfast, much appreciated by the little ones, and nutritious, but you still need a toaster, no matter how simple. The recipe is very easy and fast. Fry a few slices of bread and while they are done, wash the strawberries and let them drain a little. Peel a squash, grate it and slice it thinly.

Once the slices are ready, spread the peanut butter and place the banana and strawberry slices on top. It's ready in 5 minutes and saves you every time you don't know what to cook as a sweet snack.

Toast with broccoli, eggs and yogurt

If you have come this far with reading, it means that you are ready for something more complicated, but that will bring you an incredible taste on the table, with flavors that delight your senses and a perfect nutritional content for a long day. In addition to toast, you will also need bouquets of broccoli (about 200g), two medium-sized eggs, butter (about 50g), cumin seeds, hot pepper flakes, yogurt (100g) and a lime.

Blanch the broccoli bunches for two minutes, in a pot of boiling water, then drain. In a pan, put a little oil on medium heat and add eggs when it has heated up. After 1-2 minutes add the butter, cumin seeds and pepper flakes, mix them well in the oil in the pan and then, using a spoon, pour the oil over the eggs until they are ready.

Fry the slices of bread, and when they are ready, spread yogurt over them and squeeze a little lime juice. Break broccoli into smaller pieces if needed and place them on top. Take the eggs out of the pan with a spatula, wait for the oil to drain, then place them on top of the vegetables. You can also sprinkle with lime juice if necessary. That's it. It's ready and delicious.

Joint preparation of avocado

Joint noises avocado joint preparation avocado joint causes and remedies Create an account Osteoarthritis of the hands: why it occurs and how it is treated Joint pain - causes, prevention and remedies Ten recommendations to keep your joints healthy Medlife Osteoarthritis of the hands: why it occurs and how Gonarthrosis is treated: how it manifests and how it is treated Avocado heals the joints Articles 7 nutritional recommendations for alleviating gout symptoms 7 nutritional recommendations for alleviating gout symptoms July 29 Many diseases can be alleviated with the adoption of a healthy diet.

Osteoarthritis is a very common degenerative disease, characterized by progressive degradation of articular cartilage, accompanied by a reaction of the subchondral bone. Osteoarthritis occurs in the joints with high mobility, for whose functionality the cartilage plays an important role.

Such joints are: the knee, the hip, the hand and the joints of the spine. How does osteoarthritis manifest in the hands? At the level of the hands, as well as at the other joints, the installation of osteoarthritis is asymptomatic for a long time.

It is possible to warm up with back pain

In addition to the classic treatment, a change in lifestyle can speed up the avocado joint preparation process, and gout is one of the rheumatic diseases in which diet plays a particularly important role.

In fact, gout is a typical nutritional disorder, a disorder of metabolism, caused by excess uric acid accumulated in the blood through poor nutrition. This uric acid is not eliminated by the kidneys, so it is deposited in the form of crystals in the joints, causing swelling, inflammation, pain and thus deformation of the joints. Pain Joint preparation of avocado - Types, Causes and Remedies One of the causes of gout is a diet rich in protein, dairy and sugar.

Рубрика: Intestinal and joint pain

In fact, gout often occurs as a disease associated with diabetes, obesity and kidney stones, so a proper diet and optimal hydration can greatly contribute to curing the disease.

A predominantly vegetarian diet is recommended, with lots of vegetables, Avocado fruits heal the joints, fresh vegetables, but also whole grains. Here is what we can change in our diet, so avocado joint preparation to prevent or alleviate gout symptoms. Consume a lot of fruit, in Avocado it heals the joints of cherries, due to compounds that reduce uric acid in the blood.

Beneficial are also fruits rich in vitamin C, which help reduce inflammation: currants, oranges, strawberries, etc.

  1. It causes joint and muscle pain
  2. Back Pain Between Blind Shoulders When Poisoning, Back and Leg Pain Joint Pain After Blindness Back Pain Between Blind Shoulders Sources Knee Arthritis Arthritis is a common condition characterized by pain and inflammation of a joint.
  3. Grate the zucchini and cheese coarsely, slice the ham into small pieces.
  4. The most effective ointment for the knee joint

Joint Pain - Types, Causes and Remedies Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation in the body, so they are also recommended for gout, a condition based on inflammation. Sources rich in Omega 3 are: avocado, cashews, almonds, olive oil, avocado oil, rapeseed oil, etc.

We also recommend ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties: turmeric, ginger, etc. You can add a little turmeric powder in a cup of vegetable milk, and you can consume ginger either raw, in lemonade, or in the form of joint preparation of avocado powder.

Vegan Diet - Complete Beginner's guide + Meal plan

Gonarthrosis: how it manifests and how we treat it The hyposodium diet is often indicated for gout patients. Replace iodized salt with vegetable salt or eat Himalayan pink salt in moderation.

This is explained by the fact that this condition was present especially in overweight people, who ate in excess. Therefore, a low-calorie diet is indicated in this case.

Instead, you can eat wholemeal pasta, brown rice, wholemeal black bread and desserts made with the help of natural sweeteners maple syrup, agave, honey, etc. More raw: being a form of arthritis, gout is based on inflammation, so raw food salads, raw-vegan dishes can be beneficial, as long as Avocado heals the joints we do not go to an extreme.

Esterified fatty acids may be beneficial for gout due to their anti-inflammatory effect. It is, in fact, the only natural preparation recommended by the International Federation of Sports Medicine. The preparation is also enriched with vitamin C, often indicated in gout to reduce inflammation. Enjoy healthy joints naturally!

Method of preparation

Eggs stuffed with avocado

It can't be simpler than that. We wash the eggs well and put them in cold water with salt and vinegar

Eggs stuffed with avocado paste

Boil hard-boiled eggs, clean and cut in half. Peel the avocado

5 delicious snacks, ready in 5 minutes

We all have busy and exhausting days that make it difficult for us to find time to cook, situations that would help us to know some recipes that can be prepared quickly and that satisfy our taste buds. We decided to come to your aid and we made a selection of 5 delicious snack recipes, which you can prepare quickly, suitable for the end of a day or breakfast, the most delicious moments of the day, when you have a low level. of energy to spend more time and & icircn kitchen, or you are on the run.

Here are the recipes and how to prepare:

1. Bruschetta with prosciutto and arugula

  • slices of p & acircine
  • feliat ham
  • mozzarella
  • arugula
  • olive oil
  • garlic
  • parsley
  • salt pepper

For these bruschettas, the slices of prosciutto must be thin, which is why a sausage slicer would be useful. According to Hendi, this modern device will be extremely useful in the kitchen, because you can slice it with bread, cheese, meat, fruits and vegetables.

2. Sandwich with turkey and cottage cheese

  • 2 slices of p & acircine
  • br & acircnză cottage
  • 1 slice of turkey ham
  • tomatoes
  • lettuce

3. Potato chips

4. Muffins with eggs

  • 7 eggs
  • 100 grams of grated cheese
  • 100 grams of ham or sausages
  • 100 grams of chopped vegetables (bell peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli - all or one of them or any other vegetable you like)
  • 2-3 sprigs of green onions
  • olive oil
  • salt pepper

5. Avocado and egg toast

Crush the avocado fruit with a fork, mix with salt and a little lemon juice. Spread the pasta on the slices of bread, and on top put a fried egg in a pan or boiled, cut into slices.

These are the 5 recipes that we recommend, and you can get inspiration from here for more options.

Dip with avocado and cottage cheese

It's still hot outside, so I still prefer fast food that doesn't require fire.

Today we have a dip with avocado and cottage cheese, flavored with onion and chilli sauce.

Next to it I put crispy sticks, quickly prepared in the oven.

2 tablespoons sweet chilli sauce

How come :

We deal first with the crunchy sticks. In a small bowl, mix about 50 ml of oil with garlic granules, oregano and chilli flakes.

(optional, only if you want them spicy).

Grease the glue with the mixture of oil and spices, then cut the glue into triangles with scissors (I have a pair of scissors that I only use in the kitchen).

Put the cut triangles in the oven tray on baking paper and bake them in the preheated oven at 200 C for 4-5 minutes.

Don't hold them any longer, because they burn.

The dip is simple, mixing all the ingredients: avocado, cottage cheese, finely chopped red onion, sweet chilli sauce, salt, pepper.

If you don't have sweet chilli sauce, you can also use spicy ketchup (I made it once and it turned out just as good).

Avocado toast, strawberries and blue cheese - Recipes

Do you want to lose extra pounds and still haven't been able to make a weight loss plan that you can stay true to in the long run? You don't have to starve to look like a model and even more so you don't have to deprive yourself of the pleasure of a healthy and hearty breakfast that will energize you for the whole day.

All you have to do is start your day with a hearty breakfast that will provide you with energy for the whole day, so that you don't end up eating a lot in the evening.

Here are some breakfast ideas that will eliminate your routine from your diet and that will also help you regain the figure you dream of:

1. Sandwich with toast, cream cheese, smoked salmon and red onion

2. Romanian mesh with browned mushrooms and low spinach

3. Wholemeal muffin with turkey ham, cheddar cheese and kale

4. Organic poultry sausages with a garnish of mashed potatoes with greens

5. Waffles with almond butter and fresh cherries

6. Wholemeal bread with cinnamon greased with butter and sprinkled with fresh slices of mango

7. Whole quesadilla stuffed with omelette with red pepper, green pepper, onion and Monterey Jack cheese and topped with salsa sauce

8. Wholemeal muffin greased with peanut butter and sprinkled with slices of fresh strawberries and chia seeds

9. Ricotta cheese mixed with flax seeds, honey and diced fresh papaya

10. Tortilla stuffed with egg whites, arugula, turkey ham, feta cheese and currants

11. Wholemeal muffin with boiled egg, fresh cottage cheese and grapefruit

12. Wholemeal bread sandwich with sautéed tofu in olive oil with Portobello mushrooms, spinach, mozzarella and oreano

13. Oat cereal with almond milk, honey and dehydrated cherries

14. Omelet with tomatoes, artichokes, leeks and feta cheese served with wholemeal toast

15. Oat cereals with pecans, skim milk, raspberries and blackberries

16. Egg white omelette with wholemeal muffin and a cup of fresh blackberries

17. Rice pudding with milk seasoned with cinnamon and seasoned with crispy pistachios

18. Perfect with yogurt, whole grains, flax seeds and grapefruit

19. Pancakes greased with almond butter and sprinkled with raspberries and fresh blackberries

20. Barley with nuts, skim milk and maple syrup

21. Bread with cinnamon and raisins served with yogurt and candied mango

22. Pancakes with ricotta, almonds and fresh currants

23. Wholemeal bread toast with ricotta, honey, pomegranate seeds and orange slices

24. Burrito with egg white omelette, low-fat cottage cheese and Mexican beans, served with salsa sauce

25. Wholemeal bread sandwich with avocado paste mixed with onion and garlic, turkey ham and cheddar cheese

26. Smoothie made from skim milk, bananas, currants, strawberries, honey and peanut butter

27. Eggplant omelette with spinach, champignon mushrooms and feta cheese

28. Sweet tortillas greased with peanut butter and filled with slices of fresh strawberries, served with sweet milk

29. American pancakes smeared with peanut butter and served with fresh blueberries and peeled walnuts or hazelnuts

30. Frozen cherry smoothie, kiwi, orange juice, coconut water, agave nectar and protein powder

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